...My "Mommy Getaway" in Southern California!

So a few weeks ago...on my little "mommy getaway" trip to Southern California....I found myself with an entire day to myself...hmmmm...what should I do? Initially I planned on going to the beach after I went to Downtown Disney to purchase a new mug (Grant broke my favorite Disneyland mug recently...but that's a funny story for another day).  However, upon entering Downtown Disney I discovered that I could apply for a Disney credit card and get a $50 gift card for free!  Now you must know that Aaron and I have been discussing getting this credit card for a while and had just never taken the time to fill out the form...so once I realized that it was $76 to get into Disneyland and I could potentially get in for only $26...I decided "what the heck" and I went ahead and applied for the card, used the $50 gift card and got one ticket to Disneyland for only $26!  To many people this would sound lame and crazy to only spend a few hours alone in a theme park.  But if you know me well, you know I LOVE DISNEYLAND and it was and ideal way for me to spend a day! I went on a few rides...drank coffee...had my favorite treats...people watched...shopped...it was marvelous!

The weather was perfect "Fall Weather" in my opinion...not too hot and not too cold!
Had to start the day off with coffee and a treat...you know the place on Main Street that gives free refills...yummy...of course I had one more cup on my way out!
 Here is a camara crew that I stopped and watched for a little while...they were filming a Christmas Parade to air on Christmas Day...look for me...all by myself with some strangers...clapping and cheering even though nothing was parading by at the time!  :)
 ...So sad for me...
 The Christmas decorations had started going up...I loved that!
 Bengal Tiger Kabobs & a tiger tail...yum...my favorite!
 Screaming on Splash Mountain with the three friends I met in line! 
...so that was how i spent my free day! I finished it off with a quick trip to Nordstrom and a Starbucks Mocha! It does not get much better than that!

All in all I had a fun weekend...stayed with people I love...managed to handle a minor car crisis on my own...had a fun time at our annual Light of Christmas Boutique...saw a few friends and had time to clear my head and think about how much I really do love and miss my husband & kids.  I was so excited to see them and loved coming home to their sweet faces.  It's good to be missed, but it is also good to get some time away! Here are a few pictures from the boutique and a few of my things on display!
 ...Here are a few of the ladies that craft and make the whole boutique function!  It's always nice to see them and catch up...especially with MISHAWN (one of my favorite people in the whole wide world)...
...I puffy heart love Mishawn...


Laura Jackson said...

This sounds like a lovely day...such a treat as a mom;)

thepetticoatlane said...

Okay, I totally would have done that too!! Hooray for us Disneyland dorks, lol. I love the little Mickey ginger bread cookie. Very cute pic's, inspiration to post all my fall pic's too :)

Lois said...

Nice post! I love Disneyland, too, even for a few hours. It sounds like your "me-day" was perfect! Great photos.... -- Lois