"we're following the leader, the leader, the leader..."

one last plug:

Friday, Nov 5th * 2 pm – 8 pm
Saturday, Nov 6th * 10 am – 3 pm
14862 Starbuck St, Whittier CA 90603 
 Halloween was awesome!
 Paige with her preschool class! 
There were three cinderella's (out of six girls) in her class!
It was so cute to see 3 year old kids parading around, waving and 
totally unsure of what to do! 
 Waving reluctantly!
 Grant would have paraded with them if he could have!
 Mrs. Jackie brought in a huge spider (a tarantula, I think) from her property...the kids were fascinated with it and still checking it out when I picked her up hours later! Very cool...but creepy!
 Tinkerbell would have had a Peter Pan with her...but mommy decided that
Grant would be a better lost boy instead!  He is wild, rambunctious, fun and it just fit!
So this was our version of a lost boy!  We had a great time going trick or treat with friends and...
Paige is the perfect Tinkerbell...sassy, sweet, loyal & fun...not to mention beautiful!
"We're following the leader..." She was singing this song all night!
...the best surprise of all was when Aunt Fifi showed up! We love you Aunt Fifi!

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