TRADITIONS...Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree!

TRADITIONS...Oh Christmas Tree!

If you know me well...you know I love my Christmas Tree...and decorating it is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. In my family growing up we each had our own ornament box that contained the individual ornaments we got that year (on a trip OR from Santa)! Also the ornaments that we made at school or church were put into our individual boxes.  When it came time to trim the tree we each got out our box and put up our own ornaments. Then when we grew up & it came time to move out and decorate our own tree we had a large box of ornaments representing years past & many memories!  Aaron and I both have all of our ornaments from growing up and now we get one each year since we have been married!    Maybe my ornament box & it's contents is the reason I love the Christmas tree...revisiting all of my old memories with each ornament I unwrap is like taking a trip down memory lane...I just love it!  Consider starting this tradition with your kids or someone you love.  

Here are a few ornaments from years past that we keep in our box or that the kids keep in their boxes. Also, the last picture is a box that I made for Elsie a few years ago...

Decorating our tree this year! We had so much fun and Paigey kept saying "This is so fun decorating our tree Mommy...I love this!"

To make this I bought a "photo box" from a craft store.  Then I simply attached the ribbon permanently to the top of the box and stamped the outside edge with the words "my ornament box" all the way around.  I made it was marked "ELSIE" and attached a couple of random little jewels on it to add some bling.  You can also wrap a large shoe box with holiday wrapping paper...just be sure to wrap the top and bottom separately!    Enjoy! xoxo - *laura*

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MUGGS said...

Love the PJ's pictures. Your kids are so so sweet. That Grant melts my heart.