...Christmas in JULY!

...If you did not know already I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I never seem to be organized the way I want to be, in time to do all that I want to do, when that glorious season rolls around...so every month around the 25th (until December) I am going to share my goals for getting a few things done ahead of time...

 It's July 25th...are you ready yet?  

Okay, I'm just kidding, but I hope some of you out there get where I am going with this...and let me know if you decide to join me!


Lyndsay said...

I'm working on Christmas already too. Love it!

faithy lu said...

I love this! I am not normally like this but the other day I really wanted to listen to Christmas music and then watched a Christmas movie. I normally make fun of people who do that :). I don't know if I'm as ahead of the game as you but it's fun that we were both thinking of Christmas in July :)