...September's greenVALENTINE challenge!

Do you know about VAMPIRE ENERGY?  

This has nothing to do with Twilight or Halloween (I couldn't resist referencing these)...but energy that we use everyday without thinking about it and sometimes even knowing about it. Many of our everyday appliances are using energy 24/7.  Check it out below; if his chart is hard to read please click HERE!


Some household items can be plugged into power strips and turned off whenever they are not in use and others are just good to think about unplugging when you go out of town (even for a few days).  We've seen our energy bills go down by just being a little bit more mindful of what's plugged in.

So try to unplug more and hopefully you will reduce energy and save some money too! Woohoo!

P.S. If you want to read more...check out this article as well at life hacker!

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