Gratitude baby!

A few things.  First of all, you have to check out Oprah's Yosemite trip because my friend Muggs & her family are going to be on it.  Soooooo Coooolllllll!!!!!  The first part is tomorrow, November 29th and the second is November 3rd.

Also, we have had some crazy stories around here that I cannot wait to share...but for now I am in boutique mode...so those will have to wait.

Gratitude Journal #4:  My family! I'm so grateful for my family!  They are amazing!  We just spent last weekend with over 30 people in two houses and while it was crowded, I would not have traded it for the world.  I'm thankful for a loving and fun extended family who has made each other a priority even though we don't live close and who always seems to get through whatever conflicts may come up.  I feel blessed and filled up by them every time we have a trip together.  I am especially grateful for my grandma, my mom and three wonderful aunts who have shown me how to be a woman, how to love unconditionally, have a good sense of humor, laugh at myself and know how to have fun and take care for my family.  They have done this so well and I always feel encouraged by them when we are together.  I would not be who I am without them!  love you all! xoxo (p.s. if MFC is reading this...thanks for being MFC and MCS....hmmmm...did you get that?)

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MUGGS said...

I'm grateful for wonderful friends, like you!!!!!